Native Plants Garden Design Lexington, Kentucky

Design for a better future...

For much too long the "Ideal" landscape in our region has been one dominated by Non-Native Turfgrass, Yews, Boxwoods, Annuals, Bulbs, English Ivy and Ornamental Trees. 

Unfortunately this type of garden requires a tremendous amount of money, labor, natural resources, noise pollution and chemical inputs just to maintain. What you are left with is an unhealthy, unsustainable and unnatural landscape that completely ignores the stunning native beauty that the Bluegrass Region is capable of supporting. 

Therefore, it's imperative that we reimagine our landscapes to be more natural and sustainable. Practicing Ecological Landscape Design and utilizing Native Perennials is an excellent place to begin. We can design for a better future that not only supports the health of our ecosystem but also that of our fellow beings, fostering a proper sense of place, one suburban lot at a time.